by aainslie

Discerning Technologist

In a blog post today, Simple announced some more UX goodness is being added to its web application (and eventually all updates will migrate to their mobile iOS app).

Merry Early Christmas (or a little late happy Hanukkah). Here’s a quick break down.

They first announced something a little different, something more of us should really pay closer attention to – onboarding. It sets the tone, and if the initial experience goes smoothly, it makes the first six months of activity, cross sell, and long-term retention just that much easier. As most Simple fans are aware, they are attempting be as Apple-like as possible – attempting to simplify the traditional banking experience, from the way you request an invite to the way you receive your initial debit card (Bank Innovation’s JJ Hornblass does a good job of covering that here).

New users are now being invited to view an…

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