Why AI development is going to get even faster. (Yes, really!)

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blogpic1 Artist’s depiction of the surprising popularity of deep learning techniques across a variety of disciplines.

The pace of development of artificial intelligence is going to get faster. And not for the typical reasons — More money, interest from megacompanies, faster computers, cheap&huge data, and so on. Now it’s about to accelerate because other fields are starting to mesh with it, letting insights from one feed into the other, and vice versa.

That’s the gist of a new book by David Beyer, which sees him interview 10 experts about artificial intelligence. It’s free. READ IT. The main takeaway is that neural networks are drawing sustained attention from researchers across the academic spectrum.  “Pretty much any researcher who has been to the NIPS Conference [a big AI conference] is beginning to evaluate neural networks for their application,” says Reza Zadeh, a consulting professor at Stanford. That’s going to have a number of weird effects.

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